Buckwheat Tea
A warm, mellow tea packed with
sunshine flavour and good health
buckwheat Organic buckwheat Wheat Free buckwheat Gluten Free
Cultivated on the sunshine rich slopes of the alpine Liangshan mountains and described as the wonder herb of Chinese medicine, Kooljoy’s Tartary Buckwheat tea is medium roasted with a rich, mellow aroma and flavour that’s packed with healthy anti-oxidants.
Numerous medical and scientific studies have identified buckwheat tea – and it’s prime constituent antioxidants
rutin and vitamin – as being particularly beneficial in
helping people with a range of health challenges,
from diabetes and high blood pressure to reducing
blood fat and hardening of the artery walls.
Enjoy hot or cold.

WARNING  This product is part of the Rhubarb family and has been reported to cause allergic reactions. If you suspect you have an allergy to this product, do not consume. Always consult your doctor. People with hypoglycaemia are advised to use with caution. If you have low blood sugar levels, please consult a doctor before consuming.