Kooljoy Buckwheat Tea
Try something different

Straight from the sachet, mix it with your favourite cereals, sprinkle on salad to enhance flavour, cook together with rice to get a nutty aroma, or eat as is for a healthy snack.

When you finish the tea, replace oats/grains with soaked seeds to create your own version of porridge or bircher breakfast, or spoon out to enjoy straight away.

Enjoy it hot

Brew as directed, or you can add the following ingredients according to your preference:

– Sugar or honey

– Lemon juice or other fruit juices

Serve it cold

Brew as directed, be creative and add extra ingredients, then refrigerate until chilled. Quick and easy yet a deliciously healthy drink on a hot summers day.
Making buckwheat tea ice cubes is another easy way to enjoy it.

Little tip

Kooljoy Buckwheat Tea has a mild taste and it can harmonise with other traditional teas.
eg black tea, green tea, etc.
Want to try a tea cocktail anyone?

WARNING  This product is part of the Rhubarb family and has been reported to cause allergic reactions. If you suspect you have an allergy to this product, do not consume. Always consult your doctor. People with hypoglycaemia are advised to use with caution. If you have low blood sugar levels, please consult a doctor before consuming.